Accurately And Fairly Obtain Property Values


VM Online provides government land rating authorities with a powerful, robust tool for mass valuation of diverse property markets. With VM Online, governments can combine multiple sources of property data from any government system into a single, securely hosted platform which can seamlessly update in real time.

VM Online remains up-to-date with shifts in the regulatory environment and allows departments to produce reports in a consistent, specified format that is endorsed by regulators, thus reducing the complexity of audits and the likelihood of rejection.

VM Online’s powerful modelling and analytical capabilities, supported by mobile and mapping technology, ensure fair and accurate valuations are always produced. VM Online also allows you to retain control over your data and modelling, thus encouraging a competitive landscape for valuation service supply contracts.

VM Online has been designed and is supported by valuation professionals and is backed by the experience of IDS, one of Australia’s leading providers of property data and analytics solutions.

VM Online

key Benefits

- Efficiently audit valuation submissions with a valuation tool that adheres to the latest regulatory requirements and valuation standards, and always produces reports and extracts in the correct formats.

- Ensure fairness and accuracy of each valuation resulting from comprehensive modelling and analysis tools, mobile capability for onsite inspections and thematic maps to verify results

- Seamlessly update data from multiple source systems to a single point at VM Online in real time through our communication portals.

- Quickly and accurately process objections by enabling valuers to conduct individual and batch valuations through workflow, visualise with thematic maps and inspect sites with mobile devices.

- Protect valuation data from loss through unforeseen events keep data safe and secure from disruption or loss with our leading business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

- Promote healthy competition in the market with a tool that can be used by any valuer and data that stays hosted in one spot.

- Advanced analytics integration to the IDS Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for validation and as a potential substitute for Residential assessments.