Indices Across A Range Of Residential Property Types


IDS produces a comprehensive set of indices across a full range of residential property types and geographic regions. The combination of IDS’s AVM and Property Indices allows for monthly revaluation of every security property  on a mortgage lender’s book.

Our combined approach to property indices analysis allows for:

  • Simpler risk grade allocation and migration reporting

  • Simpler impaired asset risk management and reporting

  • Simpler calculations of collective provisions

  • Simpler calculation of regulatory and economic capital for Basel 3

Property Indices

Key Benefits

- Geographic coverage: Indices are available at the ABS Statistical Area (SA), Locality, Postcode, LGA and IDS Stratum levels.

- Price indices: Median Price, Lower and Upper Quartile, Trimmed Mean and Hedonic indices are all available.

- Momentum indices: Vendor Expectation Error and Time on Market are measures of market momentum. They have applications in both the AVM and the Forecast AVM models.