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Create A Powerful Competitive Advantage Through Cross-Sectional Data

IDS’ comprehensive property data and analytics solutions combine government and commercial data to provide a cross-sectional set of insights. Combined with our highly-flexible APIs and cross-functional team of industry experts and technicians, we can provide enterprise clients with solutions that are accurate, robust, and tailored to support your competitive strategy. Our unique independence enables us to work closely and creatively with our Enterprise clients.

Services & Industries



Our solutions enable lenders to manage the critical risks associated with real property along the entire lifecycle of the security:

- Origination: Assess security risk faster to take the customer off the market

- Portfolio management and provisioning: Determine current property level LVRs to enable provisioning and enhanced risk management

- Opportunity management: Identify new customers and retain existing ones using our AVM estimates, property alerts, propensity models and geographic area analytics


Mortgage Brokers

Consumer-facing distributors of mortgages use IDS to enable a better customer experience and write more business. Clients include traditional mortgage brokers/aggregators as well as direct-to-consumer FinTechs:

- Value exploration: Enable your customers to better understand the value of the property they are interested in, including using our Assisted AVM to adjust price estimates based on their knowledge of the property

- Targeted marketing: Use our property data and analytics to segment leads and existing customers, while targeting your message better with rich property data and reports

- Fulfilment: Avoid surprises on submission by managing your client’s expectations around property value

valuation firms

Valuation Firms

We work closely with Valuation Firms to improve their business processes:

- Data packs: IDS Valuer Data Packs provide a cost-effective alternative to data procurement for Valuers performing residential property valuations for Lenders

- Analytics: IDS Indices packages can be used to monitor market movements and sense check the work being performed by your Valuers

- Data commercialisation: We partner with Valuation Firms to help them commercialise their unique data assets

Case Studies


UNO Home Loans is making it easier for consumers to master their mortgage by making available best of breed online tools, backed by human home loan experts.

How we helped
IDS is partnering closely with UNO to discover the value of our property data and analytics API along the entire UNO customer journey. It has resulted in the creation of a unique commercial partnership model that lets UNO treat our data and analytics like water, sprinkling it wherever it helps to grow the customer relationship, and rewarding both partners when this generates real business value.


The Journey with IDS

Powering Big Business Through Flexibility

Power the growth of your business through one of Australia’s most comprehensive and agile property valuation solutions. IDS’s robust set of property valuation tools means that we can provide a solution to almost any business requirement. Simply get in touch and we’ll work with your SME or startup to create a solution that fuels your growth.