Technology Meets Industry Expertise To Help You Make Better Property Decisions


Accurate AVMs and comprehensive indices mean nothing if they cannot be applied in an effective manner. The IDS consulting arm provides increased capacity and industry expertise to help our clients get the most out of our data and analytics. Past use-cases include:

  • Improving the workflow for a lenders’ valuation portal

  • Responding to new APRA guidelines for regulatory capital

  • Responding to new APRA guidelines for treatment of collateral

  • Assisting an online mortgage broker to explain AVM estimates to their end users

  • Testing the application of AVMs to replace a traditional valuation for pricing a fractional interest in property

Customers should expect an AVM provider to have the expertise and capacity to work with them and provide assistance with such exercises in a timely manner. The IDS team has extensive banking and risk management expertise and assist customers with specific regulatory requirements, tailored enhancements to reporting, and bespoke analytic work.