Access 11m+ AVMs In A Single File


The IDS Automated Valuation Audit Tool (AVAT) contains an AVM for the 11m+ residential properties we track. Available on a monthly basis, it is used by large organisations and government bodies to cost-effectively access our AVM estimates in their risk management and decision-making processes.


Benefits of Bulk AVATs

- Cost-effective: For large volume AVM users, it can be more cost effective to procure an AVAT file than producing individual AVMs in bulk.

- Flexible: By storing all of our AVM estimates in your own property database, your ability to expand use-cases for AVMs increases with opportunities for custom-applied analytics and modelling solutions.

- Blendable: Blending AVM estimates from two or more AVM providers may produce material uplifts in accuracy and coverage. By procuring the IDS AVAT and at least one other AVAT, large organisations can apply their own blending approach to optimise their efficacy.

Key Benefits


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