Unparalleled Accuracy In Real-Time Valuation


IDS’s AVM is the first developed exclusively for Australia from the ground up, and as a result, maximises the accuracy of its algorithms to local conditions and with regard to available property information.

In addition to our regular AVMs, IDS produces retrospective AVMs and rental AVMs, providing a broad suite of analytical tools for any valuation needs.

Producing a value estimate for more than 98% of Australian houses and units every month, the IDS AVM can be consumed in various ways, including:

  • Secure API as data or a white-labelled PDF report

  • Using our Batch AVM service

  • As an AVAT file

Each AVM is accompanied by an FSD (Forecast Standard Deviation), which is a measure of accuracy or confidence in the AVM. By providing an FSD, we are able to provide our clients with a confidence rating to accompany the AVM estimate(s).


Key Benefits

Real-time AVMs | Current or historical estimates | Customisable property attributes | Rental Estimates